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Interactive VR environment with custom-made haptic input device, real-time sound synthesis and news API.
Exhibition "Dark bodies / dark identities", Spektrum Art & Science Community, Berlin, 2017.

Wyntermute is a media-critical interactive installation and VR experience. It stands as a philosophical reflection on the nature of our relationship to information: the inherent disproportion between factual non-involvement, speed of information consumption and the illusion of participation.

Wyntermute alludes to the quasi-hermetics of todays information bubbles.

Wyntermute interactive installation Mediated by input-devices we navigate cyberspace as an attempt to reach out to the world - a gesture aiming to emulate a natural interaction, substituting genuine human senses like the touch.
While we face an overwhelmingly inflationary and abundantly infinite stream of news , updates and innovations, we remain physically inactive, paralyzed and immobile. The ever absent beyonds resonate as mere echoes on the shell of our cognition. Yet this very absence is what keeps us intrigued. Our missing knowledge about world is what motivates every attempt to "gather more information" about it.

We believe to interact, yet reality remains ever more absent.

Wyntermute interactive installation

Propelled to a higher realm of abstraction, to a higher level of detachment from physical perceptibility our minds circulate in ever looping trajectories between abstraction and ever more abstraction, digital decals of digitized images.

Wyntermute also reflects on the cynical quality of information consumption - desensetizing against imagery of war, terror and human atrocity degenerating to a state of pure voyeurism in view of global disasters, just keeping informed in order to not miss out on superficial everyday conversations at the safe havens of western society - signs of the inability to process complexitiy of world and speak up against peergroup discourse

Wyntermute is reminiscent of the Cyberspace as imagined by William Gibson in his seminal "Neuromancer-Trilogy" and borrows its name from an AI in Gibson's novel. Wyntermute interactive installation
Wyntermute was written for the exhibition "Dark bodies / dark identities" at Spektrum - Art & Science Community, Berlin
taking place in march 2017.
hylyniv programmed a VR experience functioning in combination with her sensing glove controller.
Realtime sound synthesis and a news API are controlled by the input received from the manual controller simulating a human hand.
According to a value it receives from the controller (while bending the fingers) the NewsApi is selecting a news source from around 30 available most reputated news sources (international news agencies and media publishers like bbc, ny times, spiegel etc. ).
The headlines and short summmaries are projected into the cyberspace while background code scrapes google to show images of the main subjects mentioned. The sounds emanate from several oscillators, i.e. real-time calculation of wave functions representing specific metrics of the news flow.
Due to the inexistent inherent link between sound qualities and the metrics of the the news flow, hylynyiv programmed the sound synthesis according to purely esthetic criteria. The underlying rationale was to just create distinct enough sounds to create a traceable representation when sonifying the values.
The FFT (fast fourier transformation) algorithms for the oscillators, i.e. the sine wave functions, the connection to the newsApi and metrisation of data were all programmed by her in C#.

∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á≠¡}¶∂πø‚π GYRO = new Vector3 (gyro_x,gyro_y,gyro_z); // ACCEL = new Vector3 (
// MAGN = new Vector3 (mag_x,mag_y,mag_z); // //// //// transform.localPosition = new Vector3 (transform.position.x+1,transform. πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}position.y,transform.position.z); // // gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("rotateØ∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒC_CCW", ACCEL); //
// gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("changØ∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒeFreq", mag_y);˜\·∑†∂fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á §C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠}¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓÍŒ // // gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("changeFreq3", mag_z);‚~∞˜\
·∑†∂fi∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ // // gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("rotation_", ACCEL); // // gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("changeFreq_Sine", mag_y); //// gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("changeGain_Sine", acc_x);«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶ // // gameObject.BroadcastMessage ("moveY", y_num); //// ga
meObject.BroadcastMessage ("moveZ", z_num); // }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €πgameObject.BroadcastMessage ("changeFreq2", mag_x); }€{ ∑][€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚† §C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄
~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{|«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚º@ø¨©≠}[–…∞º√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi ≠“ œ{≠“ transform.localEulerØ∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡Angles= new Vector3(-gyro_y, gyro_z, 0.0f);œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈Æ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{|
 ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ gameObject.BroadcastM¡}¶∂πø‚π essage ("rotateC_CW", ACCEL);πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][
∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ public double increment; public double ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄π }¶phase; private double sampling_frequency = 48000;fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆º
œø⁄•∂ºƒç≈ void changeFreq_Sine(int input_acc){⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈ } // void changeGain_Sine(int input_∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi ≠“∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi ≠“acc2){ // gain += input_acc2/10; // }§C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚« }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ void OnAudioFilterRead(float[] data, int channels) }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|] increment = Math.Round ( frequen
cy * 2 * Math.PI / ∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓsampling_frequency ,3); for (var i = 0; i < data.Lengt∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓh; i = i + channels) { phase = Math.Round ( phase + increª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶ÍŒØ™‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á §C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏Øment ,3) ; data[i] = (float)(gain*Math.Sin(phas©ª∂«•π{|«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|] œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ ∫ƒ©ªº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿'
'€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{|e)); if (channels == 2) data[i + ∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π ∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@1] = data[i]; } } ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœøåflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠frequency = (input_acc+100)*5;“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚† –…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][if (phase > 2 * Math.PI) phase = 0;“≠¡void changeGain_Sine(int input_∂‚ºº√}¶∂πø‚π }
∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄…∞•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ §C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞Ï°Í
Æ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶SerialPort sp = new SerialPort("COM3", 9600); // // void Start () { // sp.Open ();∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á // sp.ReadTimeout = 250; //√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚† §C%Y£fi^ÍŒÅfl„›Ï°ÍÆ°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏تº©@√¥≈…å⁄~¢¶¡ //// session_id += 1; // // } // void Update () { // strArr = null; // // currentI€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©
ºªº©@¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{|«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][ ∆ºª∆º @∂‚@~π∑€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«nput = sp.ReadLine(); // strArr = currentInput.Split (","•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]∂‚ºº√‚∞ç≈…≈åflıÓؙ͌‚~∞˜\·∑†∂fi^·™ÍÁˇ™©ª‚flÍ–∂@ç∆µ∞≈µ~Í∏™ÍÅ°∏Á≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶
{∆ºœø⁄•∂ºƒç≈©º‚†®ΩΩ⁄π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ– [0]); // // // // s1 = strArr[0]; // s2 = strArr[1];¡¿''€ ∫ƒ©ª∂«•π{| ‚«“≠¡}¶∂πø‚π }¶{≠“ œ«å~‚…∂ •πœ–…∞€ πø⁄ €π }€{ ∑][print (currentInput);‚†®ΩΩ⁄|]°∏Ø’÷—Ø∏Ø